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"My goodness, this is the way all package stores should look and operate! There's such an amazing selection of beer and spirits it's mind blowing! The service here is unbeatable and their prices are simply spectacular! I plan on going out of my way to visit this establishment again and again!"

Marquist Spencer (M)

"Great spot! Gabe was super helpful! Love the unique finds and if you’re a craft beer person, they’re super cool about splitting packs so you can get a great variety without breaking the bank. They also run good specials too so keep an eye open for those. Always worth a visit"

Noah Rosen

"Applejacks is the best! Great prices, incredible selection, friendly staff, and fast checkout. Also, they have curbside pickup that’s convenient for all."

Zach Heggen

"I recently found out Applejack is able to deliver to our house in the mountains which came as a big surprise since no one else delivers out here. For that alone, I would give 5 stars, but on top of that they have some of the best prices I've seen for wine. The delivery driver was super nice and arrived within the time range provided. I'm very impressed and will continue to order from here from now on - Thanks so much, Applejack!"

Stephanie Hamer

"Great product selection but honestly the staff can be hot and cold. Some folks super helpful but the cashiers are oddly cranky."

Maureen Johnson

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