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Carsten Baumann

"Outstanding selection across categories. They even carry some obscure liquors that I use in baking, such as several brands of German and Austrian fruit brandies. I would add a fifth star if the prices were mine reasonable."

Amy Korb

"For being a huge store, their employees are always helpful and nice. I appreciate the help desk so you don't have to hunt someone down for questions. Of course they have an amazing selection and competitive prices."

Matthew Bailey

"Looking for an informed opinion on what you are buying? this is the place for you. The team at Applejack are knowable and happy to share their insights. Also if you re looking for a one of gift six pack they will help you create a custom six pack."

Daniel West

"Amazing selection and super helpful staff! I love this store if you ever need to find something specific there's tons of staff stocking shelves etc and they are all pretty knowledgeable and helpful. Great spot for the holiday season!"

Scott Winberg

"Still the best place in the Denver area to buy wine and spirits and beer. The staff is always very helpful and they have an amazing selection of just about everything. I've been coming here for many many years. Parking can sometimes be challenging since they are so busy but it's worth it."

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