Bulleit Rye

country: United States / region: Kentucky / style: Spirits / Size: 375 ml, 750 ml, 1.75 l / manufacturer: Bulleit / sku: 25061P
$13.99 to $42.99

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Bulleit Rye is an award-winning, straight rye whiskey with a character of unparalleled spice and complexity. Released in 2011, it continues to enjoy recognition as one of the highest quality ryes available.

To this day, Bulleit Bourbon is distilled and aged in the Bulleit family tradition. High rye content gives it a spicy character with a smooth, clean finish. Kentucky limestone filtered water provides a foundation for the bourbon's character while charred American oak barrels lend a smoky backbone

1 review

Telling Smooth


In the mouth it tells you life is good.

<br>But when it finally gets swallowed,

<br>well, it's so smooth it's like sundown.

<br>Very fun. Very nice.