Drambuie Liqueur

country: Scotland / style: Spirits / Size: 50 ml, 375 ml, 750 ml, 1.0 l / manufacturer: Drambuie / sku: 18618P
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The taste of Drambuie is the result of infusing a unique blend of aged Scotch whisky with a secret combination of spices, heather honey & herbs. Its origins can be traced to a secret recipe created for Bonnie Prince Charlie by his Royal Apothecary in the 18th Century. The elixir was infused with spices such as cloves for their medicinal purposes, and saffron to give the liquid its rich golden colour. It became the Prince’s personal draft, and he drank a few drops each day for strength and vitality.

The story begins over 267 years ago Prince Charles Edward Stuart was on the run, after defeat at the Battle of Culloden. Clan MacKinnon helped the Prince escape. In thanks for their help the Prince gave MacKinnon his secret recipe to his personal liqueur an extraordinary elixir now known as Drambuie

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