Hakutake Shiro Shochu 750 ml

country: Japan / style: Spirits / size: 750 ml / sku: 12071

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A low-calorie vodka replacement. The taste begins semi-sweet with a smooth transition into a buttery, umami middle, then lingering into a fresh, dry finish. A balanced kumajochu in the best tradition of the style. While smooth enough to drink straight, try it on the rocks or mizuwari (blended with ice water) to lighten it further or mix with hot water (oyuwari).

Takahashi Shuzo, established in 1900 does not make your Run of the Mill Kome Shochu. They believe their Shochu carries the tradition and flavors of 400 years, and they are recognized as the standard of all Kumamoto Shochu, which is the center of Japan for Kome Shochu. Using only the most carefully selected rice, clean Kumamoto water, and their own capable hands and traditions, they work to create the best Kome Shochu possible.