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Takara Plum Kinsen Original 1.5 L

Country: United States /

Region: California /

Style: Wine /

Size: 1.5 l /

Sku: 23730

1 - 5
6 +

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Do you enjoy sipping on a cold glass of plum wine after a meal? As a substitute for dessert, there's nothing better than a fruit-flavored variety that gives you the sweet taste you crave. Our KINSEN Plum wine is the perfect drink to end the night on. With a delicious taste that highlights several different flavor notes, our plum wine has a complex flavor you and your guests will love. Pair it with a sharp cheese for an even tastier finish!

Richly aromatic with violet candy, plum and maraschino cherry notes. The palate is sweet with medium body and lightly tangy flavors or ripe plum, red cherry, and sweet pear.