Odyssey Psycho Penguin 6pk 12 oz Cans

country: United States / region: Colorado / style: Beer / size: 12 oz / manufacturer: Odyssey Beerwerks / sku: 4184
* Beer cannot be shipped outside the state of Colorado.
Embrace the wild side of life with Psycho Penguin Vanilla Porter – a Robust Porter brewed with Whole Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Rich flavors of sweet crystal malts along with artfully roasted grains balance well with the silky smoothness of the vanilla. A light hop addition adds sufficient bitterness to keep this beer tempered and insanely drinkable – a welcome beer for all seasons of the year. Whether you’re an everyday porter drinker or an interested novice, our Psycho Penguin will drive you mad!

Much about the 90’s is a blur. The decade hit pretty hard with big hair, big clothes and big ideas that were quickly swept away in a big pile of baggy pants, Discman players and Sega consoles, behind the finally fading squelch of the American Online connection. But before we packed away our pagers, an unlikely pairing of acquaintances conferred, then continued to stoke their brewing interest in…well…”brewing.” Home brewing, in particular. And so, our story begins. It was a fantastic hobby, this beer making thing. Trial and error meant sampling a whole lot of beer. Life happened, as it does, but we tended to our hobby…and we got good at it. Really. People said so. We served it at home parties and outings and eventually the discussion revolved around making more to supply the needs and wants of our adoring public (slight embellishment…I digress…). But the topic continued to resurface, the home brews improved, and even though our corporate lives trudged on, the notion of brewing this stuff for real wouldn’t go away. Open a brewery, you say? Exactly. A brewery was born. Twenty years after the start of our hobby, Odyssey Beerwerks was formed to do the impossible – take that enjoyable hobby of creating fine craft beer and make it a business. Bringing new and exciting hand crafted beers onto our vibrant planet, at the same time enjoying and appreciating all you folks we meet along the way, is a damn fine way to "work."

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