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Pats Backcountry Carbonator Bottle

Country: United States /

Region: Colorado /

Style: Beer /

Size: Not Applicable /

Sku: 5944

1 - 11
12 +

* Beer - We are unable to ship Spirits at this time via FedEx or Mail. Spirits are available for local delivery via Applejack Delivery.



Our BPA Free, shatter-proof 20oz Carbonator Bottle is designed to replace your everyday water bottle, but with the added function of being able to carbonate any liquid you put in it. The carbonation comes from an Activator Packet (reaction of citric acid and potassium bi-carbonate) that takes place in the blue reaction cup. Once the reaction has started, you just lock the lever and shake side to side for about a minute to carbonate. When ready to drink, the bottom unscrews to act as a convenient share cup. Now you can enjoy a refreshing beverage wherever your adventures take you.

Bring about the end of packaging carbonated beverages in plastic, glass, or aluminum disposable containers and needlessly burning fuel to ship what is essentially water. Pioneer a global beverage delivery system that works to preserve water in its natural and most valuable state (pure water) until the moment that the consumer chooses to add a concentrate and turn that water into a new form (i.e. beer or any carbonated beverages). Support a system of sustainability in which consumers collectively distribute the burden of accessing clean water across the entire earth, rather than a system that focuses that burden destructively upon targeted communities.