What are Bordeaux Futures?

In the spring of each year, many wines from grapes harvested in the prior year are offered to the public for purchase. These wines are offered when the wine has yet to be bottled or delivered to retailers. The purpose of wine futures is to offer the wines to the public before the wines are bottled and released to the broader market.  The wine futures you are purchasing will generally not arrive for two to three years from the date of your purchase. 

At the time the futures are offered wine professionals from around the world are offered the opportunity to come to Bordeaux to taste and review the wines while they are still in French oak. These wine professionals often rate the wines to provide a guide to retailers and consumers considering the purchase of wines as futures. 

Wines futures are generally offered in the spring of each year for the grapes harvested and wine produced from the preceding year’s harvest. Thus, the wines from the 2022 harvest are now being offered for sale as part of the 2022 en primeur campaign. 

Why Consider Buying Bordeaux Futures?

One possible advantage is that by buying wine futures, you secure wines that are often hard to find or allocated. Additionally, in some cases, though there is no guarantee, the price at which Bordeaux wine futures are offered will be below the price at which they will be sold once they are bottled and arrive on Applejack’s shelf.


Please be aware that the wine you are purchasing as futures will generally not arrive for two to three years from the date of your purchase. Bordeaux Futures afford consumers, the opportunity to buy the wines before they are bottled or delivered to ensure that the wines will be available 2 to 3 years later when they are delivered. Some of the most desirable wines from a vintage offered as futures may either sell-out or arrive at a higher price than the price available as futures, though there is no guarantee that there will be such appreciation in the cost. 

Why Applejack?

Applejack has been selling Bordeaux wine futures for decades. Remember, Applejack has been in business since 1961 and has always delivered Bordeaux wine futures as promised. 

How To Buy Bordeaux Wine Futures.

Buying Bordeaux wine futures is made easy at Applejack. Our website lists all the wines available for purchase as futures. Select the wines you want to buy by filling out the form on our website and submitting it to Applejack. Once we have the form and confirm to you the wines’ availability, payment is required to secure the purchase. Once purchased by the customer, the wines will be in Bordeaux while aging. Once the wines are aged in barrels, they will be bottled. Approximately a year after bottling the wines you order and pay for will be shipped to Applejack. You will be notified when the wines are available to be picked-up at Applejack at its Wheat Ridge location. 

Select the wines in which you may be interested in purchasing as Bordeaux Futures. Tell us the wines and the quantity of each you would like to purchase. We will then confirm availability of the wines. Once we confirm availability you will place the order on (subject to the terms and conditions found on our website and those included herein) and your credit card will be charged for the wines. The amount charged will include all costs of the wine and shipping and handling to Applejack at its Wheat Ridge location. Prices do NOT include any U.S. import tariffs that may be in effect and payable to you upon arrival.


Once the wines are received at Applejack, we will contact you to let you know the wine is available for pick-up at the Wheat Ridge location of Applejack Wine & Spirits. Please note that due to the costs of securing and importing the wines, any cancellation will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the total order. 


If you have any questions about Bordeaux Futures, please contact our Wine Manager at [email protected]

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