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  • Five out of five star rating

    "Huge Store, Great Selection, Good Prices... This is the place to go!"

    Craig Richardville

  • Five out of five star rating

    "Full disclosure: I do some work for them so I'm a bit biased. HOWEVER: Applejack has great people and an amazing selection. If you're close by and need a good, local liquor store, you can't go wrong with any of their locations."

    Jeremy Dugan

  • Five out of five star rating

    "We purchased the alcohol for our wedding at Applejack's and were so pleased at how easy it was to work with them. Their timely delivery on the day of our wedding in Idaho Springs, and after the wedding, we had to return some unopened bottles, we were able to get money back! Such a great service, and the best selection. Our go-to liquor store moving forward!"

    Leeana Ramos

  • Five out of five star rating

    "Prices randomly here and there are the best you can get. It may not always be the case, and rarer options might be marked up a bit compared to somewhere else, but the selection is above par regardless. When it comes to eclectic scotches for example, they have a lot of the signatory bottlings and you can't hardly find those. Whenever I'm in wheatridge or going through for work I often make a purchase over here"

    Skyler C

  • Five out of five star rating

    "Visited Denver on vacation and I make it a habit of checking out local liquor stores. Huge store and selection! Absolutely impressed with their bourbon and tequila selection and prices. No evidence of jacking prices for some of the more rare options. Highly recommend!"

    Stephen Arnett

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