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Brett Lancaster

"Was really surprised my girl bragged about this place and their selections being the best.. Well was very disapointed their Moonshine selection was very limited to say the least.. The whiskey selection was okay nothing fancy they had a ton of beer and vodka along with rum and tequila.. I love my whiskey and by god i love my shine just a southern boy...."

Matt Lindenschmidt

"***EDIT.....The employees are amazing but specifically want to shout out GABE who went out of his way and helped me make a 4pk sampler of this specific cider companies 4 flavors. Was super helpful.***** This place is absolutely amazing. Super knowledgeable staff with literally every type of drink that has alcohol in it. Go here for a 4pack or to buy enough for a party."

Jeanie Mary

"Pricing fair.. found vodkas priced less at other stores. However, store extremely clean! Hugh selection on everything: beer, wine etc you name it.. staff very knowledgeable and helpful..check out easy, quick and courteous. So a 4 5 rating­čść"

Shana Piper

"Great service! everyone was very helpful helping us finding everything that we needed. Even explain the different flavors of wines different textures and what would be great with certain meals even to cook with."

Tami Hicks

"This is also a must stop for us so we stock up. Great prices. Best selection. Friendly, helpful staff will point you to the right stuff if you don'e already know what you want."

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