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  • Five out of five star rating

    "It was great to have three people helping me each at different times. Applejack is remodeling and upgrading. The work should be finished before the end of October. They are definitely open during construction. Doors on the coolers should be a big energy saver for them. Watch your step going in. FYI you may not be able to get your usual parking spot. 😮😁"

    Rick D

  • Five out of five star rating

    "Excellent selection of beer, wine, liquor and mixers. Priced right. Huge selection. Excellent staff. Pardon the dust they are remodeling to make it even better."

    Ryan Eggelton

  • Five out of five star rating

    "Applejacks is great. Last month I called them to arrange beer and wine delivery for my brother's wedding. The department that handles events and the woman I worked with, Andrea, was helpful and very customer oriented. She suggested that separate deliveries be made for the rehearsal and the wedding. Good advice! I recommend Applejacks for your events."

    Bob Manwaring

  • Five out of five star rating

    "Never been to this store before today. Was a lot bigger than I expected but it wasn't hard to find someone to help point us in the right direction. The staff here are pretty knowledgeable and gave us some good recommendations. They were all pretty friendly and we had no issues whatsoever. Prices are also very reasonable, so we will definitely be going back."

    Andrew Vega

  • Five out of five star rating

    "Just stopped in for the flyer specials and actually had a great experience. The staff was super friendly, one guy I need to take with me jogging, he got me to all my request so fast I was blown away. The cashier was the best she made me so welcome that I can't wait to come back! Even the customers were extra friendly which was comforting to shop longer. The stock was plentiful that I forgot what I came for but found undiscovered treasures like this Australian wine with Snoops face on it, had to grab it."

    Aminah Stewart

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