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Emilio Bulfon Piculit Neri 750 ml

Country: Italy /

Region: Delle Venezie /

Style: Wine /

Size: 750 ml /

Vintage: 2021 /

Sku: 18831

$17.99 Reg. $21.59



*Vintage may vary by location*

This wine should not be confused with Picolit Rosso del Friuli or Refosco Gentile. The name, which means “tiny blacks”, probably derives from the small size and dark color of the berries. Piculìt Neri is planted only in the area around Castelnovo del Friuli and Pinzano al Tagliamento, in the west of the province of Pordenone, not far from the Aviano Air Force base. The wine is bottled young but will age for at least 5-7 years while maintaining its fresh bright flavors of red fruit and spice. A red wine that is excellent when enjoyed on its own, Piculìt Neri can also accompany challenging red meat dishes, game or mature cheeses. "Nobody doesn't like Piculit Ner!" (Beverly Malen)

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