Paulaner Salvator Doppelbock 6pk 11 oz Btls

country: Germany / region: Munich / style: Beer / size: 11 oz / manufacturer: Paulaner Brauerei (Schorghuber) / sku: 2077
* Beer cannot be shipped outside the state of Colorado.
Paulaner’s brewing history begins with this beer. It was the Paulaner monks, who invented this unfiltered bottom-fermented double bock. This beer has been brewed for over 375 years - always adhering to the original recipe, with only a few refinements over the years.

The popularity of Paulaner beer extends far beyond the city limits of Munich. Our great tasting beer, highly skilled brewmasters, and the love for Bavarian tradition has made Paulaner a hit around the world. More than 2 million hectoliters leave our historic brewery each year - traveling from Munich’s Nockherberg to over 70 countries. Paulaner’s unfiltered Hefe-Weizen is Germany’s most popular beer and a favorite of beer drinkers worldwide seeking an authentic Hefe-Weizen. Today, Paulaner is every bit a part of Munich life as it was in 1634. Every year Paulaner is one of only 6 breweries pouring beer at the Oktoberfest in Munich, and the annual Salvator tasting and Politiker Derblecken, where local politicians are roasted, remains a beloved Munich tradition.