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Rihaku Sake Junmai Ginjo Wandering Poet 720 ml

Country: Japan /

Style: Wine /

Size: 720 ml /

Sku: 430

1 - 5
6 +



*Vintage may vary by location*

With broad appeal and a memorable, sturdy flavor, this sake has the ability to complement even the most wine-unfriendly vegetables. This Junmai Ginjo is made with Yamada Nishiki rice, known as the pinnacle of quality for sake rice. It is named after the famous Chinese poet, Li Po, who was said to drink a bottle of sake and write one hundred poems. Notes of banana and ripe honeydew with a clean, crisp acidity that highlights its light-to-medium body. The lingering finish moves from juicy fruitiness to green, herbal notes making it a great food companion. Pairs well with many vegetables like asparagus, artichoke hearts, broccoli rabe, green salad, and brie cheese.

Suggested Food Pairing: