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Takara Plum Premium 1.5 L

Country: United States /

Region: California /

Style: Wine /

Size: 1.5 l /

Sku: 32632

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6 +

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Pleasant plums have a distinctively refreshing, sweet taste that always leaves you craving more. When you pick up a plum wine, you taste the contrast of the slightly bitter skin and the juicy flesh inside. You'll also experience that unique balance when you sip on our TAKARA Plum wine. This particular type has all the ingredients of an outstanding drink. With a sweetness that makes it an excellent palate cleanser, our TAKARA plum wine is one to remember.

What makes it so incredible? Lovely aromas of sweet, ripe plum, and cherry blossoms, and a sorbet-like palate of plum and cherry sweet-tarts.