Deerhammer American Single Malt Whiskey

country: United States / region: Colorado / style: Spirits / size: 750 ml / sku: 37194449
Reg. $52.99 $45.99
Aged no less than two years and bottled at 92 proof with notes of sweet coffee, cacao, caramel and spices. In the spirit of the settlers who first ventured west, we invite you to take your first sip with an explorer’s state of mind.. About the Producer - In 2010, Lenny and Amy Eckstein opened Deerhammer Distilling Company. Now it has grown from a hodgepodge of old dairy tanks, one little still, and a few skateboard mounted pumps, to a legitimate craft distillery.

2 reviews

American Single Malt


This is fantastic! Rich flavors, palate friendly, wonderful almost chocolate finish. Well worth the price for a true craft whiskey!



I Bought A Bottle For My Husband, And He Opened It The Same Evening. I'm Not Usually The 'Drink Whiskey Neat' Kind Of Person, But This Was Something Else. We Must Have Really Enjoyed It, Because The Next Week I Had To Go Get Another One!