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Fairbanks Sherry 750 ml

Country: United States /

Region: California /

Style: Wine /

Size: 750 ml /

Sku: 20129

1 - 11
12 +



Our Fairbanks Sherry has a salty, nut and toast aroma, followed by full-bodied flavors of almonds, butter, cinnamon and lemon, which creates a crisp, nutty and slightly tangy flavor on a medium-dry finish.

Serve as an after-dinner aperitif or add to a cocktail such as a Sherry Cobbler, along side simple syrup and an orange half-wheel, or a Rye Witch with rye whiskey, orange liqueur, angostura bitters and topped with an orange peel. Add our Sherry to pan sauces, soups, roasts, and even desserts to add sweet and nutty flavors to dishes.

Suggested Food Pairing: