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Francis Coppola Rose Sofia 750 ml

Country: United States /

Region: California /

Style: Wine /

Size: 750 ml /

Vintage: 2022 /

Sku: 9190

$15.99 Reg. $17.99



*Vintage may vary by location* 

In creating Sofia Rosé, the grapes are harvested at a lower Brix to ensure the wine remains light in character, and pairs well with food. To achieve our signature elegant salmon pink hue, the grapes are held in the press for a short period of time until the juice has just the right amount of pigment. Each varietal offers its own unique color to the overall blend. To preserve the aromatic intensity, the wine is fermented at a cool temperature in stainless steel fermenters.

Crisp natural acidity with flavors of pomegranate and fresh cherry, with minerality continuing through the finish.