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Hakushika Sake Junmai Tanuki 900 ml

Country: Japan /

Style: Wine /

Size: 900 ml /

Sku: 13970

$13.29 Reg. $17.99

* Odd- or large-sized item(s) are available for local delivery but cannot be shipped.



Hakushika's Tanuki is named after the Japanese "raccoon dog" (tanuki), a beloved character in traditional Japanese culture. From woodblock prints to folk songs, the tanuki figures as a mischievous yet friendly character often seen toting a large tokkuri (sake bottle). In Nishinomiya, where Hakushika Sake is brewed, a legend from ages past claims that if a couple of tanuki mythical creatures take up residence in the brewery, incredibly delicious sake can be brewed. It is well known throughout Japan that the tanuki is a great fan of sake!

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