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Red wine is delicious fermented grape juice taking months, if not years to produce the perfect balance of sweetness, freshness, tannin and alcohol. Starting out as grapes grown in beautiful vineyards these perfect bundles of sugar-rich juice with high levels of fresh acidity and powdery yeast clinging to their skins are just waiting for the opportunity to be crushed and fermented. Red wine’s rich red color comes from maceration, a technique which involves crushing the grapes and allowing them to essentially marinate and extract all that the grape skins have to offer. As the crushed grapes begin to ferment, they create the feel-good juice also known as alcohol. Once fermentation is complete, typically red wines are transferred to oak barrels which allows for further growth and maturity to occur. After careful evaluation, racking and tasting, the winemaker deems this lovely liquid is now a finished wine. Red wine varies widely in style, there are over a thousand different grape varieties, vastly different vineyards, and a range of unique practices in the actual wineries themselves all working together to create the glorious liquid you find in your glass. Out of the many grape varieties only a small handful are commercially produced ranging from robust and full-bodied expressions to light, quaffable, and dangerously easy to drink.

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